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Issue 136 (August 2013)
Nutrition - Glucuronolactone: A Pre-Workout Supplement Essential?
Training - Bench Pressing on the Floor
Food of the Month – Cucumbers
Recipe – Skinny Carbonara
DVD Review – Monster Vs 3

Issue 135 (July 2013)
Nutrition – Fluid and Performance
Training – Five Minute Forearms
Food of the Month – Pears
Recipe – Chicken Curry Couscous

Issue 134 (June 2013)
Nutrition - Vitamins: Overlooked Elements in the Bodybuilding Community
Training - Tom Prince Hamstring Training
Food of the Month – Ezekiel Bread
Recipe – Homemade Turkey Burgers with Beetroot Relish

Issue 133 (May 2013)
Nutrition - Carbs are Important!
Training - Total Arm Workout
Food of the Month – Venison
Recipe – Homemade Moroccan Beef Burgers

Issue 132 (April 2013)
Nutrition – Nutrition and Osteoarthritis
Training – 30 Minute Chest Training
Food of the Month – Pistachio Nuts
Recipe – Sirloin Steak with Pepper Sauce

Issue 131 (March 2013)
Nutrition - Sugar-Free Chocolate/Sweets: Devil's food with Angel's Wings?
Training - Back Thickness Training
Food of the Month – Brown Rice
Recipe – Mango Chilli Chicken

Issue 130 (February 2013)
Nutrition - Inulin, What's the Score?
Training - 4 Exercises to Bigger Legs
Food of the Month – Cottage Cheese
Recipe – Veal Escalopes with Garlic Breadcrumbs

Issue 129 (January 2013)
Nutrition - Carb Backloading - An Overview
Training - Leg Press 21s
Food of the Month - Prawns & Shrimps
Recipe - Brilliant Banana Protein Bread

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